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Renewed, Revised & Re-Opening!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020


We hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying healthy. It's been a long haul for all of us, but we're happy to share the news of our plans for reopening.

Seven Point Wellness is now city and state(s) approved to reopen our New York City and New Jersey clinics on June 1st, 2020!

Throughout the quarantine period, we have closely monitored the region's COVID-19 response efforts - and have been busy-bees learning, researching and preparing for our eventual return to clinic. Please know, we don't take reopening lightly, and have gone to great lengths to optimize safety for all of us.

In accordance with the CDC, State Governments, and National Acupuncture Organizations, we've put in place new Office Policies. Though some of the following changes may seem like "a lot", we have instituted them solely in the interest of slowing the spread of COVID-19, and helping each and every one of us to feel safe and secure in our clinics. 



  • Staff will be calling you 24 hrs. prior to your FIRST visit back to ensure you understand our new policies.

  • COVID- Pre-screening Questionnaire - We ask all patients to complete online pre-screening survey prior to each appointment. This is required.

  • All Patients (New & Returning) will be required to complete the one time COVID-19 INFORMED CONSENT FORM.


  • MASKS REQUIRED: Anyone entering the clinic will be required to wear a mask before entry and throughout their visit. That's the law here in (NJ / NYC), and besides . . . it's smart.

  • PATIENTS ONLY - NO GUESTS: Please leave all guests at home, waiting in the car, or have them drop off and pick you up at a later time. Only patients will be allowed into the reception area and treatment rooms. NOTE: If you have special circumstances, please call us directly. We will do our very best to accomodate you.

  • TEMPERATURE & OXYGEN LEVEL CHECK:  Each patient will have a pre-entry temperature screen and pulse oximeter reading. Anyone with a temperature of 100F or above, or a pulse-oxymeter reading below 90 will need to reschedule treatment, and be advised to contact their primary healthcare provider.


  • HAND HYGIENE: Upon entering the clinic, hand sanitation is required as you check into the front reception desk. You'll find a brand-spanking new "touch-less" alcohol sanitizer next to the reception desk. Just place your hands beneath it and alcohol will descend. Your only job is to rub your hands together (maybe a Genie will appear, but no promises). Then, you'll be ready to enter the treatment room!

  • DOOR HANDLES: To minimize contact with high touch surfaces, only your Practitioner will open and close any doors inside the clinic during your visit. How's that for service!

  • REDUCED OVERLAP: We will be spacing out appointments to reduce overlap from patient to patient.

  • WAITING AREA - SOCIAL DISTANCING: The "waiting areas" have been rearranged for safe social distancing - with well spaced chairs in case there's a delay, or should you arrive early. Our goal however, is to bring you directly into the treatment room upon arrival. 


  • PRACTITIONERS in SCRUBS: It's been a while, so just in case you've forgotten what we look like, we're the folks in scrubs. Wearing scrubs is one of many changes we're making, as it promotes optimal hygiene.

  • PATIENT GOWNS: Additionally, we now have brand new patient gowns for your use  - which greatly reduces any chance of external-contamination.

  • PATIENT SHOE TRAYS: Directly outside of each treatment room will be a shoe tray, where you can leave your shoes while in the treatment room. Current CDC reports inform us that the soles of shoes may function as a possible cross-contamination factor.

  • TREATMENT ROOM SANITATION: Treatment rooms are sanitized thoroughly before and after each patient with CDC approved disinfectants known to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, virus and fungi.


  • PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept all Visa, MC, Discover, and Bank Cards, as well as FSA / HSA Cards which can be securely stored in our practice management software, for easy use with your approval and without physical contact.

  • SCHEDULING: For now, please call us if you're ready to schedule for June:  (917) 210-1063, ext.1 for Cristina or ext. 2 for Phil, or email:  Online Scheduling will be available once again soon!


  • CLINIC SANITATION: All common clinic spaces (bathrooms, waiting / reception area, hallways) will also be sanitized daily with CDC approved disinfectants known to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, virus and fungi.

  • CLEANING: As per usual, our clinics are professionally cleaned and disinfected, and all gowns, sheets, towels and scrubs professionally laundered.

  • MEDICAL GRADE UVC with OZONE TECHNOLOGY: Medical grade UVC Light disinfection are utilized in every treatment room and throughout all areas of our clinic multiple times daily. UVC with Ozone kills 99.9% of bacteria, virus and fungi in air particles and surfaces.

Hope you've all enjoyed the few blogs that we've sent out while we've been under quarantine. Our objective was to stay in touch, to let you know that we were thinking of you, and that we are here to assist should you need our help. 

We feel ready and very well prepared for the transition back - and have missed seeing you all. We look forward to picking up where we left off with your treatment!




Phil Veneziano, M.S., L.Ac.

Cristina R. de La Mar, M.S., L.Ac., Doula

(917) 210-1063

Seven Point Wellness is an Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic, located at 187 Millburn Ave., Suite #101 in Millburn, NJ, in the Trader Joe / CVS Business Complex.

We are an easy drive from Maplewood, South Orange, Short Hills, Livingston and most cities in Union, Morris and Essex County, NJ. We are also an easy walk from the New Jersey Transit via bus or train.

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