A Holistic Approach to Pregnancy

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) offers a holistic approach to supporting optimal fertility and healthy pregnancy - from preconception, throughout pregnancy, to labor and delivery, and then throughout the postpartum recovery period. 


In fact, from a Chinese Medicine standpoint, the best way to achieve an optimal pregnancy, birth outcome and recovery - is to work with the patient throughout each stage.


The goal is to provide therapeutic wrap-around care to sustain optimal fertility and then pregnancy health in order to prevent and reduce the need for unwanted Western Medical interventions in the future.  


Throughout each stage (pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum) we utilize the full scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine - including Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Therapeutic Bodywork, TCM Therapeutics such as cupping, electro-stimulation, gua sha, etc.


We are trained to look at both your emotional and physical health from a whole-person perspective, and in the context of your everyday lives.

Pre-Conception Readiness & Fertility

During this time, we focus on promoting the overall emotional andphysical health of both prospective parents.


Many factors govern each person's treatment plan. Accordingly, we customize treatment to the specific needs of every patient. 


It's common to schedule 1 to 2 sessions weekly for three consecutive menstrual cycles (12 weeks) prior to conception to focus on pregnancy readiness - including: regulating the menstrual cycle, managing any pre-existing conditions or age-related risk factors, promoting a healthy uterine lining, improving sperm count and motility, and optimizing egg quality. 



Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Acupuncture & TCM Therapies are excellent complements to Western medical technologies (IUI, IVF, etc.)  or pharmaceutically treated fertility issues.


Acupuncture treatment can significantly improve success rates of ART procedures or medications - while also reducing their uncomfortable side effects. 



Pregnancy Health & Support


First Trimester: During the first trimester we focus on setting the foundation for a healthy pregnancy.


Treatments are designed to promote the vitality and health of the mother and baby, and to address any early pregnancy discomfort. 



Labor & Delivery Preparation - Doula Care

Labor and delivery is a very special and anticipatory time - reflecting the culmination of the journey of pregnancy.


The goal at this stage is to initiate the softening of the body's tendons and ligaments, and to encourage the natural process of cervical ripening and effacement.


Treatments are designed to prepare both parent and child to engage in the upcoming stages of labor and delivery.



Post-Partum Care & Recovery

Postpartum is the time for re-balancing and restoration after the amazing process of childbirth. Treatment focuses on supporting the mother's healing process and the recovery of her body's strength and energy.


Nutritional guidance and herbal remedies are often key during this period - and are excellent compliments to acupuncture and gentle body therapies.


Home and hospital visits are available during this time - to ensure that new Moms receive the care they need.

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