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Great facility, super cool and chill. Phil is amazing and I have continued seeing him weekly for nearly three or four years now. He got me over several, crazy sleep issues and went back to work on various painful parts of my world. Tight back, hip issues, throat, vision -- even eye floaters, of all things. The level that Phil operates on is next level, I love it. When I go at first I hate the needles but after 5 minutes I forget about them. Going to Phill has been one of the most beneficial, preventative and maintenance things I've ever done. If you're curious or in pain do not wait. Go!

Rob Gilpatric

I can't recommend Phil at Seven Point Wellness enough. He is extremely knowledgeable in his line of work, and takes the time to really listen to you and your needs. He is very approachable and makes time for you even at very short notice.

Kate Bettel

This review is for Phil Veneziano as I have only seen him at Seven Point Wellness, so far. I finally called Phil to make an appointment earlier this summer after my significant other had been seeing him for years. I had intense and very uncomfortable tingling and numbness in my fingers which another acupuncture practice couldn't effectively treat for me. So, I was initially a bit skeptical.


However, after just the first 10 mins of my very first visit, Phil made more of a difference than I'd had collectively, at the previous acupuncturw practice. He treated the root cause of the issue and I haven't had numbness or tingling ever since the treatment completed (and switched to maintenance) a little over a month ago. Amazing! Phil is thorough, patient, a great listener, and uses a variety of therapies when needed. He'll also explain what he's doing if you're interested in learning about it (which I always am!). I've had a few other issues since, which he has very thoroughly and effectively treated.


I am always so excited to have a relaxing but intensive treatment by Phil and experience something new during just about every visit. I live in Brooklyn and had been seeing him in their previous NYC location.. but now that they are practicing in NJ for now, I am planning my commute out to Millburn to continue seeing Phil. If any of you have any doubts or reservations, consider this your deciding factor and go see them! Thank you, Phil!

Kate Armstrong


Cristina & Phil are both extraordinary practitioners with big hearts and great knowledge. Highly recommend Seven Point Wellness for acupuncture, herbs,

and physical wellness!!

Tuesday Wasserman

 L.Ac., Doula

I discovered the most amazing place yesterday! If your interested in Holistic medicine or just want to meet some amazing people, check out Seven Point Wellness in Millburn! It was the most welcoming place I have ever been. I have had acupuncture before and the place I went was a bed in a room. This place was beautiful (you all know how I feel about orange -lol).


Its behind CVS -187 Millburn Ave. I would have never known it was there. I will definitely go back for acupuncture.

Donna Furtado DeLuca

I’ve been going to Seven Point Wellness for almost a year. Cristina is amazing. Her calm and caring nature help my body, mind, and soul. I started seeing Cristina prior to my mastectomy and she was a big part of my preparation. And afterwards, she definitely contributed to my healing. I look forward to my acupuncture days and always feel better when I leave. Seven Point Wellness takes the necessary COVID precautions and I feel extremely safe going there. I’ve recommended Seven Point Wellness to many family members and friends.

Alissa Kaplan

I brought my 14yr old daughter who's very athletic into Seven Point Wellness. She was experiencing pain in her shoulder, neck and back areas. Phil was the perfect match to identify what, where and how the pain was originating. He was very respectful of her and never made her feel uncomfortable. The treatment has been very positive and the at home stretching instructions extremely helpful. We highly recommend Seven Point Wellness.

Vincent Falls

Landscape Designer

After an Achilles surgery last year, I literally wouldn't have gotten back on my feet (pun intended) without the help and support of Phil Veneziano at Seven Point Wellness. As an acupuncturist myself, I'm extremely picky about who treats me and since I started treatments with Phil, I have recommended him over and over to my friends and family. Do not hesitate to make your appointment, you'd be missing out if you did!


Caitlin Donovan

L.Ac., Author

I have been a patient at this office for about 2 years now. I wish I could demonstrate how amazing my experience has been over the years. I began seeing Cristina in 2018 while in graduate school, a time when I was incredibly anxious, nervous, and stressed also my blood pressure was at its worst! Her expertise, and treatment skills are top-notch I felt such a difference from my first visit and only got better from there .

My husband and were trying to conceive for nearly a year and I then shared this with Cristina who is an incredibly knowledgeable professional in fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth as she is also a certified doula. She was part of our tribe to get us to our much desired baby. She treated me throughout my pregnancy and every week shared insights on what to expect each week and things to stay away from and natural alternatives to symptoms as they rose. She also gave me wonderful nutritional advice.


Cristina is no longer someone I consider a person on my health team but a true friend. She pours her heart into her work and really makes you feel at ease from the day you meet you. Honestly, from the first day I spoke to her I felt better.

Acupuncture is not just inserting needles, in my opinion it is an art that has to be performed with the heart and soul - something Cristina genuinely does. I LOVE HER. She has been my support in so many instances.

Elizabeth Khalil

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