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Chinese Herbal Formulas​ ​​​​are skillfully crafted combinations of natural plant, animal and mineral based medicinals.

These Formulas have been developed over centuries of Practitioner experience, and tested in the modern world through rigorous research.

Herbal Formulas (Internal)

Herbal Formulas are sometimes prescribed (i.e. in either tablet, capsule or tincture form) to further the rebalancing of a deficiency or excess that might exist in your body. 

They play a key role in many successful treatment plans, but without the side effects of some pharmaceuticals.​

​Topical Herbal Formulas (External) 

Herbal poultices, plasters and liniments are powerful additions to dermatological and musculoskeletal healing. These can be applied topically to the body in clinic or at home, as needed.

Chinese Herbal Medicine, Holistic Health
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