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Food is a first line of defense when it comes to restoring

and balancing the body. In this regard - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) upholds the principle of "food as medicine."

Dietary changes are often essential to furthering the healing process, as the average fast-paced lifestyle condones food choices that can wreak havoc on digestion.

Eating with nutritional awareness, in season, and in concert with your environment, can be one of the key elements to improving overall health.

Yet, the reality is that each of us has unique nutritional needs - just like our overall health, metabolism, digestive system, and activity levels all vary. So do people.

With your health goals in mind, we review and refine your understanding of food and nutrition throughout each treatment session. We aim to support you to integrate optimal nutritional choices into your daily life. 

Holistic Nutrition, Nutritional Health, Healthy Eating
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