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AIR QUALITY ALERT: Canadian Wildfires Have Compromised NJ Air Quality

Canadian wildfires have compromised NJ Air Quality

Just a friendly reminder to please take the AIR QUALITY ALERT in NJ very seriously.

Due to the high-density of Canadian wildfire smoke and harmful air particulate, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued an Air Quality Action Day for Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Union counties until midnight Wednesday, June 7th, 2023.

Remember: The wildfire smoke and particulate may include more than just trees, brush, leavers, etc. - but also of potentially toxic materials. Levels of smoke and fine particulate are expected to rise to very unhealthy levels statewide on Wednesday, and likely last into the late evening hours.

Those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, lung and heart disease, the immunocompromised, those pregnant, the elderly, and the very young are at higher-risk from exposure. However, the levels of smoke and particulate will be impactful to everyone, so best be preventative.

We strongly encourage everyone to limit outdoor activities - especially anything strenuous - and / or wear a high-quality mask while outdoors over the next 24 hours (or until the AIR QUALITY ACTION is lifted).

The odd reversal of things, is that once you're safely indoors - ditch the mask, and you can smile your pearly whites again! We just want you all to stay well.

For additional information regarding the air quality alert and related health concerns, visit: The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

More information on the Canadian Wildfires can be found here:

Hope to see you all soon!

Phil & Cristina

Cristina & Phil, Seven Point Wellness
Cristina R. de La Mar, Phil Veneziano

Canadian wildfires have compromised NJ Air Quality


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