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Cupping, Gua Sha,


Far-Infrared Lamp

Cupping, Gua Sha, Farinfrared Light Therapy

Acupuncture is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 


The process entails the gentle insertion of very fine, sterile needles into specific areas (meridians) of the body to promote emotional and physical health and balance.

Acupuncture needles are made of medical grade, surgical stainless steel. In general they are painless, or cause a mild sensation - and in most cases patients rest comfortably or fall asleep during treatment.


The efficacy of acupuncture treatment to enhance immunity, regulate internal systems (i.e. blood pressure, heart rate, hormone balance, pain relief, etc.) and treat common conditions has been researched extensively. 


Institutions such as the National Health Institute (NIH)National Cancer Institute (NCI) , Harvard Medical Center and Stanford University have lauded its impact both palliatively and in preventative care.


Practiced throughout China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years, and now prevalent  throughout communities, clinics and hospitals world-wide, acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


We offer a full range of Women's Healthcare - including everyday ailments and concerns and gynecological issues for girls and women of all ages.


Our Fertility Readiness Programs help prepare you for conception at your very best. This includes  those undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies - ART  (IVF, IUI) in support of their fertility goals.

Pregnancy Health treatments are designed to promote the vitality and health of the mother and baby. This includes addressing any variety of pregnancy discomforts (i.e. morning sickness, fatigue, muscle aches, etc.) throughout all three stages of pregnancy. 

We also work with women throughout the entire Labor and Delivery process - integrating Doula care, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Manual Therapy within each clinical session. 

Postpartum is the time for re-balancing and restoration after the amazing process of childbirth. Treatment for Post-Partum and Recovery focuses on supporting the mother's healing process and the recovery of her body's strength and energy.

For complete details - please call: (917) 210-1063


Simple lifestyle and exercise adjustments can go a long way towards resolving a nagging illness, sleep issues or reducing ongoing stress.

As part of a full Health Assessment, we examine your daily routines, the "rhythms of your life" -  offering suggestions and adjustments that can have a profound impact on your health. 

During a Session We Review:

  • Sleep Habits - Position, Quality, and Quantity

  • Your goals for balancing "Work, Home and Play" 

  • Ways to Integrate "Mental / Physical" time-off for yourself

  • Optimal Postural and Breathing Techniques

  • Fitness and Exercise goals and planning

Small changes can make big differences to more fully recovering from unresolved conditions. 

Women's Health / Pregnancy


Manual (hands-on) Body Therapy is utilized to calm muscles in spasm, release contraction and promote flexibility.


It's important to understand that manual therapies work beyond just the musculoskeletal system - they can improve immune function, regulate internal organ systems and promote healthy circulation among other things. 

We offer various styles of manual (hand-on) therapy - including:

We are also trained in Chinese Medical body therapies like: 

Within each treatment session, we assess and  integrate the combination of these therapies most suited to your treatment. 

Therapeutic Bodywork


As most physically active people know, it is not unusual to stress or damage muscles. Maybe you didn't stretch properly before leaving home? Perhaps you started your workout when you were fatigued?


Beyond the accidental injury, or the aches and stiffness that occur in everyday life, sometimes pain just "shows up" after a long day at work! Most pain resolves on its own, but sometimes injuries have a way of hanging on.


Clinical studies have proven that Acupuncture treatment decreases healing time, strengthens injured areas, and works to prevent reoccurrence. 

Treatment plans range from the healthy maintenance of everyday aches and pains, to the repair and rehabilitation of serious injury - with specialized Programs for Athletes of all levels.



Chinese Herbal Formulas​ ​​​​are skillfully crafted combinations of natural plant, animal and mineral based medicinals.

These Formulas have been developed over centuries of Practitioner experience, and tested in the modern world through rigorous research.

Herbal Formulas (Internal)

Herbal Formulas are sometimes prescribed (i.e. in either tablet, capsule or tincture form) to further the rebalancing of a deficiency or excess that might exist in your body. 

They play a key role in many successful treatment plans, but without the side effects of some pharmaceuticals.​

​Topical Herbal Formulas (External) 

Herbal poultices, plasters and liniments are powerful additions to dermatological and musculoskeletal healing. These can be applied topically to the body in clinic or at home, as needed.

Herbal Medicine

We have specialized training and experience providing both emotional and physical Oncology care.


Whether you're in active treatment, in remission, preparing for or recovering from a surgical procedure - we can be your ally throughout. 


Supportive Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine therapies can have meaningful and lasting impact as you navigate your treatment choices.


Benefits include: helping improve white blood cell counts, bolster immune and lymphocyte cell activity, and help manage the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation (i.e. nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, depression, dry mouth and anxiety).

For “survivors” and those in “remission” – Acupuncture and supportive therapies can continue to optimize both physical and emotional health as you move forward living your life to the fullest.


If you or a loved one are navigating cancer treatment, give us a call to find out more about how we can be of support.




Food is a first line of defense when it comes to restoring

and balancing the body. In this regard - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) upholds the principle of "food as medicine."

Dietary changes are often essential to furthering the healing process, as the average fast-paced lifestyle condones food choices that can wreak havoc on digestion.

Eating with nutritional awareness, in season, and in concert with your environment, can be one of the key elements to improving overall health.

Yet, the reality is that each of us has unique nutritional needs - just like our overall health, metabolism, digestive system, and activity levels all vary. So do people.

With your health goals in mind, we review and refine your understanding of food and nutrition throughout each treatment session. We aim to support you to integrate optimal nutritional choices into your daily life. 

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