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Office Policies & COVID-19 Precautions




  • Staff will be calling you 24 hrs. prior to your FIRST visit back to ensure you understand our new policies.

  • COVID- Pre-screening Questionnaire - We ask all patients to complete online pre-screening survey prior to each appointment. This is required.


  • All Patients (New & Returning) will be required to complete the one time COVID-19 INFORMED CONSENT FORM.




  • MASKS REQUIRED: Anyone entering the clinic will be required to wear a mask before entry and throughout their visit. That's the law here in (NJ / NYC), and besides . . . it's smart.


  • PATIENTS ONLY - NO GUESTS: Please leave all guests at home, waiting in the car, or have them drop off and pick you up at a later time. Only patients will be allowed into the reception area and treatment rooms. NOTE: If you have special circumstances, please call us directly. We will do our very best to accomodate you.


  • TEMPERATURE & OXYGEN LEVEL CHECK:  Each patient will have a pre-entry temperature screen and pulse oximeter reading. Anyone with a temperature of 100F or above, or a pulse-oxymeter reading below 90 will need to reschedule treatment, and be advised to contact their primary healthcare provider.





  • HAND HYGIENE: Upon entering the clinic, hand sanitation is required as you check into the front reception desk. You'll find a brand-spanking new "touch-less" alcohol sanitizer next to the reception desk. Just place your hands beneath it and alcohol will descend. Your only job is to rub your hands together (maybe a Genie will appear, but no promises). Then, you'll be ready to enter the treatment room!


  • DOOR HANDLES: To minimize contact with high touch surfaces, only your Practitioner will open and close any doors inside the clinic during your visit. How's that for service!


  • REDUCED OVERLAP: We will be spacing out appointments to reduce overlap from patient to patient.


  • WAITING AREA - SOCIAL DISTANCING: The "waiting areas" have been rearranged for safe social distancing - with well spaced chairs in case there's a delay, or should you arrive early. Our goal however, is to bring you directly into the treatment room upon arrival. 





  • PRACTITIONERS in SCRUBS: It's been a while, so just in case you've forgotten what we look like, we're the folks in scrubs. Wearing scrubs is one of many changes we're making, as it promotes optimal hygiene.


  • PATIENT GOWNS: Additionally, we now have brand new patient gowns for your use  - which greatly reduces any chance of external-contamination.


  • PATIENT SHOE TRAYS: Directly outside of each treatment room will be a shoe tray, where you can leave your shoes while in the treatment room. Current CDC reports inform us that the soles of shoes may function as a possible cross-contamination factor.

  • TREATMENT ROOM SANITATION: Treatment rooms are sanitized thoroughly before and after each patient with CDC approved disinfectants known to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, virus and fungi.




  • PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept all Visa, MC, Discover, and Bank Cards, as well as FSA / HSA Cards which can be securely stored in our practice management software, for easy use with your approval and without physical contact.


  • SCHEDULING: For now, please call us if you're ready to schedule for June:  (917) 210-1063, ext.1 for Cristina or ext. 2 for Phil, or email: admin@sevenpointwellness.com.  Online Scheduling will be available once again soon!




  • CLINIC SANITATION: All common clinic spaces (bathrooms, waiting / reception area, hallways) will also be sanitized daily with CDC approved disinfectants known to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, virus and fungi.


  • CLEANING: As per usual, our clinics are professionally cleaned and disinfected, and all gowns, sheets, towels and scrubs professionally laundered.

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